• Production lines and industrial machinery

    The production lines allow for the optimal organization of your production process. Therefore, in order to be competitive in the market today, a well-designed line is needed, which will enable you to reduce the costs associated with the production process.

    Our company offers a comprehensive service in this area - from designing an optimal production lines, all type of work stands, assembly of control cabinets (including their programming), to commissioning and start-up of the entire system. We also guarantee warranty and post-warranty service. Consider ordering a reliable and optimally designed line to gain an advantage over the competition.

  • Test stands

    Appropriate quality control is the basis for providing the customer with the highest quality products. Already at the production stage, poorly made prefabricates and damaged products should be eliminated. To this end, test stands we design, are adapted to rapid verification and testing of samples of a given production series.

    Thanks to the experience we have, we design ergonomic stands that minimize the time needed to conduct the test. The test stands we have built are operator-friendly and optimize the control process. You will be able to provide your customers with products of the highest quality.

  • Robotization

    Automatic production stations are characterized by higher work speed, more accuracy and reliability compared to manual workers.
    Today's technological progress requires the implementation of industrial robots. They will allow to reduce production costs and at the same time to increase the quality of products.

    We start our work by developing a concept of process automation, on the basis of which we develop documentation, collect the necessary materials and start building appropriate stations. We also provide software and control of the entire line, we make the first start-up and perform functional tests in our plant. Final tests and commissioning are carried out at the machine installation site. Additionally, we provide warranty and post-warranty service.

  • Food industry, chemical engineering and environmental protection

    The legal regulations are extremely restrictive in many respects. This is especially true of the food and chemical industries. Much emphasis is also put on the protection of the environment during production process.

    We know the legal guidelines and recommendations in this regard very well. Thanks to our long experience, we also know how to design solutions taking care of the most important aspects of environmental protection. We have been cooperating for years not only with the food and chemical industries, but also with many others (e.g. hydrotechnical facilities or energy).

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